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April 14th
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for marcellow

April 7th
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Anonymous: I love your art! What kind of pen do you use, if you don't mind sharing?


for the last few drawings i’ve been using faber castel sepia pen. otherwise i normally use sakura microns or staedtler triplus fineliners. triplus are fun to use since they are water soluble! i tend to use the smallest pen sizes (0.1/S) since i like to draw small. 

April 6th
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April 6th
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Anonymous: how do you art?

i think i’ve already said this already but really just

dont give up

April 4th
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Anonymous: Ur drawings r so fuckin cute.. LIKE FUCKIN CUTE U KNOW THAT??!!!!!! !! NOW U KNOW!!

thank you!! =,)

April 4th
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April 3rd
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rabbit forest

rabbit forest

April 3rd
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March 28th
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March 28th
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ju-ku said: freakin hell ive only used like 5 pages in my sketch book this year :,(

Don’t give up, Julia! I still remember, you draw so small and so detailed. I’ve never met anyone who draws quite like you do, and it’s got a sort of atmosphere to it that I really wish I could emulate. I…

yeah!! i can see how lectures give you time to draw so much thats cool..i have the inability to hear anything else when i draw lmao… thanks man you inspire me a lot too :,)

March 25th
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March 24th
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괴물 학생들 

March 6th
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March 3rd
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March 2nd
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for stephen

March 1st
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Anonymous: can you post your all your ap art portfolio works here? owo;;;

oh gad i already posted most of my concentration stuff earlier i think that’s all that im ok with showing the rest of it isnt anything special lol…though if you want help with the AP studio art portfolio feel free to ask