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April 19th
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a few more layouts from my film…

April 19th
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puella-magi-harmonia-magica: how do u do pixels :00000

i am pretty new to pixels so i think my method is not very efficient haha but here’s what i do…sorry if it doesn’t make much sense

1. open SAI, select the Binary tool (size 1), zoom in until the pixels are big as i want them to be, usually 300 ~ 600%

usually do lineart in black first rough at first then clean up as i go

then color inside and the lineart at same time while keeping track of the palette im using 

add a clipping group multiply/overlay layer of a certain color at the end if necessary

2. after i finish i use Snipping Tool to basically screenshot it and save it as a picture (so i don’t lose the size of the pixels when i zoomed in to make them appear bigger)

3. open the pic in photoshop to select and erase the empty space to make it transparent, crop it, etc. 

4. for animated pixels ive been using gifmaker.me

April 14th
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for marcellow

April 7th
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Anonymous: I love your art! What kind of pen do you use, if you don't mind sharing?


for the last few drawings i’ve been using faber castel sepia pen. otherwise i normally use sakura microns or staedtler triplus fineliners. triplus are fun to use since they are water soluble! i tend to use the smallest pen sizes (0.1/S) since i like to draw small. 

April 6th
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April 6th
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Anonymous: how do you art?

i think i’ve already said this already but really just

dont give up

April 4th
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Anonymous: Ur drawings r so fuckin cute.. LIKE FUCKIN CUTE U KNOW THAT??!!!!!! !! NOW U KNOW!!

thank you!! =,)

April 4th
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April 3rd
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rabbit forest

rabbit forest

April 3rd
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March 28th
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March 28th
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ju-ku said: freakin hell ive only used like 5 pages in my sketch book this year :,(

Don’t give up, Julia! I still remember, you draw so small and so detailed. I’ve never met anyone who draws quite like you do, and it’s got a sort of atmosphere to it that I really wish I could emulate. I…

yeah!! i can see how lectures give you time to draw so much thats cool..i have the inability to hear anything else when i draw lmao… thanks man you inspire me a lot too :,)

March 25th
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March 24th
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괴물 학생들 

March 6th
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March 3rd
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